What needs to be implemented

Step by step

What question are you asking?

Quality Development and Cost-Covering

- Would you like to make your nursing care processes more cost-covering and patient-oriented?

- Would you like to advance your digitization project?

- Would you like to retain nursing staff and be more attractive as an employer?

Lean Approach

Of importance in the implementation of the lean idea is a convinced management that pursues a sustainable lean management. The implementation begins with the employees by internalizing and supporting the lean idea as well as adapting their attitude towards mistakes, problems and customer and (nursing) staff needs.

The SWOT analysis, my own PDS (nursing documentation digitization) maturity model and the BSC are classic tools and good to implement.

The Sky is not the limit. #digitalmindset

Digitization will bring about real revolutions in many areas of healthcare.

When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others build windmills.

Chinese Quote

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